Connecting Games To The Blockchain

The multi-billion dollar game industry continues to grow, but the free-to-play business model is broken, heavily favoring larger game studios. Our vision is to create a new business model that evens the playing field for all game developers on the blockchain.

The Solution

Alto’s mission is to enable a self-sustaining ecosystem built around an item-first business model that is fair and mutually beneficial for developers and players alike.

Our solution is a decentralized platform with a suite of tools that enable game developers, users, and content creators to participate in this ecosystem by minting, using, and selling interoperable cryptoitems on the blockchain.

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Initial Item Offering

Using the Alto Item Builder and Alto Store Builder, developers can create and pre-sell cryptoitems to players as a way to raise funding for their blockchain games.

This is similar to crowdsourcing platforms but more beneficial to the player because they end the transaction with a wholly owned cryptoitem which they can sell or trade.

Cryptoitem Interoperability

We are working with the cryptogame community and partner developers to create shared standards and reusable code for item interoperability.

Cryptoitems created by the Alto Item Builder are designed to be used across multiple games​, making them more meaningful and incredibly valuable to the player. Every time a cryptoitem gets supported by a new game, it gains utility and thus its value and usefulness increases.

Free user acquisition

The Alto Item Library provides game developers the ability to search existing cryptoitems by creator, owner, supported games and other properties.

By choosing to support existing cryptoitems in addition to their original work, game developers are able to tap a pre-existing captive market and reach, acquire, and retain a wider audience of item owners.


Using the Alto Item Builder, content creators, game developers and players are empowered to easily create non-fungible standard compliant ERC721 tokens to be used as virtual game items (cryptoitems). Our cryptoitems are interoperable, meaning they can be used and sold across multiple games and users.


The Alto Backpack is a mobile wallet that stores cryptoitems and acts as a bridge between players, content creators, and game developers.

Players are able to connect to games, stores, and exchanges. Developers gain access to users through airdrops, referrals, and other incentives.


Cryptoitems are truly owned by users, this means they can be sold, traded, or otherwise transferred across individuals. Alto supports these transactions in two ways:

  • Alto Backpack – A gateway for developers to promote their games and airdrop items. A tool for users to sell items peer-2-peer and gain access to third party exchanges and item stores.
  • Alto Store Builder – For game developers or individuals who want a branded and dedicated storefront to offer their cryptoitems.

The Alto Team

Gabby Dizon

Chairman and Co-Founder
  • CEO and Co-Founder, Altitude Games - a premier game development company in Southeast Asia
  • Former President of Game Developers Association of the Philippines
  • 15 years in the game industry
  • Founder of the Year, Rice Bowl Startup Awards (Philippines) 2016

Chase Freo

CEO and Co-Founder
  • Former CMO, Reality Squared Games (R2Games) - a leading browser and mobile game publisher based in Shenzhen, China
  • 5 years of experience in the financial industry for HSBC and Merrill Lynch
  • 6 years of experience in the game industry

Paul Gadi

CTO and Co-Founder
  • Technical Director and Co-Founder, Altitude Games - a premier game development company in Southeast Asia
  • 13 years of experience in game development studios including Anino Games and Gameloft
  • 2 years of experience in enterprise

Jan Castro

  • Former General Manager, Altitude Games - a premier game development company in Southeast Asia
  • Former Regional Service Delivery Manager / Technical Account Manager - APAC and South Asia for Seven Networks
  • 4 years experience in the games industry
  • 10 years experience in the telecommunications industry

Rick Laig

  • Financial advisor to Altitude Games - a premier game development company in Southeast Asia
  • Former CFO of Level Up! Inc., the market leader for online gaming in the Philippines
  • 15 years in senior financial management roles, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies

Patrick Kreuch

Marketing Director
  • Former Product Marketing Manager, Reality Squared Games (R2Games) - a leading browser and mobile game publisher based in Shenzhen, China
  • 4 years of experience in the game industry

Our Advisors

Nix Nolledo

Chairman and CEO, Xurpas

Paul Bragiel

Founding Partner, Golden Gate Ventures | Co-Founder, GameFounders

John Nahm

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Strong Ventures

Benjamin Chen

Co-Founder & Senior Vice President, R2Games

Royce Disini

Founder, Mobcrush

Shannon Chang

CEO, Super Smash Girls

Oliver Kern

Chief Commercial Officer, Lockwood Publishing

Luis Buenaventura

CSO, Bloom Solutions | Cryptopop

Paul Rivera

CEO, Kalibrr

Altitude Cryptogames Development Team

Keith Morales

Product Director

Luna Javier

Creative Director

Marc Polican

Engineering Director

Kevinsky Dy


Justin Mata


Benjo Pacia

Game Designer

Aileen Diaz


Ali Bayle


Beta Uy

Graphics Designer

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