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We make tools that let you mint, sell, use, connect, and search for cryptoitems in a blockchain-based game ecosystem.

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Only 1% of publishers accounted for 94% of all revenue.

Free-to-play is an oppressive business model that favors the top studios

The free-to-play business model allows players to consume content at zero cost. This effectively increases the costs to produce content and acquire users. With only 1.9% of active players contributing to revenue, it is more difficult for smaller developers to recoup these costs and remain profitable.

  • Smaller game studios are likely to run out of resources before a game is launched.
  • Non-paying players are saddled by paywalls and other artificial limits implemented to generate revenue instead of adding fun to the user experience.

There is a need for sustainable business model that equally benefits game developers, players, and content creators.

There is untapped potential for growth in an item-centric economy

Alto believes that next steps in game industry evolution lie in separating in-game items from the games. By leveraging blockchain technology to convert game items into stand-alone assets, our goal is to connect developers, players, and content creators in ways that were not previously possible.

  • Game developers can crowdfund game development through the pre-sale of items.
  • Players can legitimately participate in secondary market for items.
  • Streamers and content creators can leverage their fanbase through branded items then partner with game developers.

We call this framework built around items as stand-alone resources an Item-first Economy.


$9.37 billion

2018 Crowdfunding Transaction Value


$30 billion

2018 Total spend on loot boxes and skins gambling


$3.2 billion

2017 Gaming Video Content industry revenue (Twitch, Youtube Gaming)

Our Solution

The Alto platform is a suite of tools that enables developers, players, and content creators to mint, use, sell, connect, and search digital assets as part of an item-first economy.


A webtool for creating cryptoitems across multiple blockchains and games.


An SDK for seamless integration of cryptoitems into games.


A webtool for creating custom storefronts for selling cryptoitems.


A mobile wallet for connecting users to games, exchanges, and other services.


A web service to promote the discovery, trade, and exchange of cryptoitems.

Key Features


Alto Forge

The Alto Forge allows easy creation of cryptoitems using a simple drag-and-drop web interface.

Cryptoitems created by the Alto Forge are designed to be used across multiple games. We are working with the cryptogame community and partner developers to support multiple blockchains and protocols.


Alto SDK

The Alto SDK makes it easier for game developers to integrate cryptoitems into their products. The goal is to allow developers to focus on creating great gameplay by lowering the technological barriers to entry.

The SDK will initially be developed for Unity, with other engines to follow.


Alto Wizard

The Alto Wizard is an easy to use webtool that lets item creators build custom stores that are hosted on or their own websites.

The Alto Wizard is highly customizable. Creators can choose from an array of pre-set themes, but also customize a template to fit their brand requirements.


Alto Backpack

The Alto Backpack is a mobile wallet that stores cryptocurrency and cryptoitems. It acts as a gateway between users and the wider cryptogaming network.

Players are able to obtain cryptoitems by connecting with peers, games, marketplaces, and exchanges.

Developers gain access to users through airdrops, referrals, and other incentives.

The Token

Alto Coin Details
Total Supply
6,000,000,000 ALTO
Sale Supply
3,000,000,000 ALTO
Token Format
Soft Cap
10,000 ETH
Hard Cap
60,000 ETH
Conversion Rate
1 ETH = 50,000 ALTO
Private Sale Date
May 2018
Alto Coin Allocation
  • 33%
    Private Sale
  • 17%
    Public Sale
  • 15%
    Market Development
  • 10%
    Alttude Games
  • 10%
    Founders and Team
  • 10%
  • 5%
Usage of Funds
  • 50%
    Product Development
  • 20%
    Marketing / Community
  • 15%
    Development Grants
  • 10%
    Game Development
  • 5%
    Legal and Contingency

How It Works

ALTO is the exclusive payment option for accessing tools and services on the Alto platform.

Key Benefits

Players gain a source of income while playing games.

Cryptoitem trading is more convenient and streamlined.


Earn ALTO by loaning out cryptoassets.

Spend or earn ALTO through peer-to-peer trading.


Spend ALTO to buy cryptoitems.

Earn ALTO by selling cryptoitems.


Key Benefits

Less funded developers gain additional support through all stages of the product lifecycle.


Spend ALTO to airdrop cryptoitems.


Stake ALTO for access to the SDK.


Spend ALTO to mint cryptoitems in your preferred protocol.


Spend ALTO to create storefronts.

Earn ALTO from item sales.

Key Benefits

Content creators gain alternative means to run incentive or subscriber reward programs.


Spend ALTO to airdrop cryptoitems.


Spend ALTO to mint cryptoitems.


Spend ALTO to create custom storefronts.

Earn ALTO from item sales.

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